Detroit Lions Do Charity, Still Lose

Detroit Lions Do Charity, Still Lose


Detroit Lions Do Charity, Still Lose


The Detroit Lions are launching a player-driven social justice program with an initial commitment of $600,000. The initiative will focus on three areas: scholarship funding, social education, and medical assistance. Most sane, rational people can agree that it’s a good thing players are giving back to the community. But when you’re the Detriot Lions, things are simply more complicated.

Even the uplifting news is augmented by the memories of on-field horrors. Toledo’s WTOL opted to juxtapose B-roll of the Lions secondary giving up a Hail Mary to the Minnesota Vikings during its reporting.

Why? Who knows. That’s just the type of thing that happens after six decades of failure. Jeopardy, local news, everyone wants to — and feels comfortable — taking a shot.

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