The Patriots' Dynasty is Over

The Patriots' Dynasty is Over


The Patriots' Dynasty is Over


If Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are going to mine the field for disrespect and turn the smallest nugget into a motivational monument, we should all oblige and give them what they want. We’ve all seen the movie before and know how this ends. Anyone doubting the Pats, Brady, or Bill Belichick wind up with egg on their face. This, of course, is a rather insignificant portion of the take-o-sphere. It’s grown a bit as the franchise’s horses have aged, but most people still respect New England and appreciate the greatness.

But eventually, the naysayers will be correct. All men, even Patriot men, are mortal. Careers must end, on the field and on the sideline. The dynasty will end. It has to. Maybe it already has and the funeral is Sunday in frigid Kansas City.

And friends, now is the time to say it out loud. Say it with your chest. New England’s reign is over. Thirteen conference title games in the last 16 years, five Super Bowls, all the glory? It’s in the rearview mirror.

The Chiefs will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl and the Brady-Belichick combo won’t make the NFL’s version of the final four again. That’s right, I’m doubting Touchdown Tom.


Well, there’s the somewhat obvious. Kansas City is favored. Patrick Mahomes is otherwordly. New England wasn’t a vintage side this year. Brady will be 42 when next season begins. All those are logical reasons.

The real one?

I just want to be right and now feels as good a time as any. The dirty little secret about the anti-Patriots stuff is that the people who love it the most are Patriots fans. Half the fun of New England in the early winter is reveling in the tears of the doubters.

So many would be lost without it.

That’s right, I am a heck of a guy, giving back to a fanbase hopelessly addicted to the shade. It must be nice for Brady to put another person in the group who believes they suck and can’t win games.

Looking forward to the weekend, and the mentions. Just remember where you heard it first. The media member crying wolf is in the past. This time is the real deal.

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