Why Won't Antonio Brown Speak For Himself?

Why Won't Antonio Brown Speak For Himself?


Why Won't Antonio Brown Speak For Himself?


We’re waiting, Antonio.

The Pittsburgh Steelers receiver — soon-to-be-former? — has been teasing an interview for the last few weeks, whether with James Harrison, Chad Ochocinco or, most recently, on Twitter on Tuesday. Presumably, this will be Antonio Brown’s tell-all (from his perspective) on why the relationship between he and the Steelers has suddenly and dramatically deteriorated. Presumably, he’ll talk about why he wants the Steelers to trade him. Presumably, we’ll all need to bring the popcorn.

But Brown is dragging out this process by teasing the interview that still hasn’t come. In the meantime, he seemingly sent an emissary on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed.” Harrison, a former Steelers linebacker, appeared on multiple FOX Sports programs to discuss the situation after recently spending time with Brown. Harrison wasn’t effusive with praise, but seemed to stand firmly in the pro-Brown camp.

Why send in a proxy? Why doesn’t Brown speak for himself?

Brown has watched the dumpster fire burn high in Pittsburgh while stoking the flames. The Steelers have, in consecutive seasons, seen one of their three best players try to force his way off the team (with Le’Veon Bell sitting out for the entire 2018 season after receiving the franchise tag).

Brown seems like he’s as good as gone. And in the meantime, he’s hinted at an explanation, but none has come. Please, just explain what’s going on.

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