Shaq is an Expressive Scene Partner

Shaq is an Expressive Scene Partner


Shaq is an Expressive Scene Partner


In the crowded and cutthroat world of content streams and delivery systems, there are few constants. One is Shaquille O’Neal. Put a camera on Shaq, ask him to do something and, boom, there’s your entertainment.

He can currently be seen on TNT’s Inside the NBA, a show where he and the guys sit around and say wild things while goofing on each other. Occasionally they discuss basketball. What a format.

Anyway, last night Ernie Johnson said he “smashes” Trix cereal and O’Neal’s brain had a hard time processing the statement.

Gold. Fifteen seconds of gold.

Any big Kazaam head out there has spent so much time over the past two decades wondering why Shaq hasn’t done more acting. Look at that range and the way he brings such power without saying a word. The guy just has it. Something that can’t be taught even by the finest artists at Juilliard.


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