2019 NFL Super Bowl Predictions and Prop Bets

2019 NFL Super Bowl Predictions and Prop Bets


2019 NFL Super Bowl Predictions and Prop Bets


The Super Bowl is finally here! The general lines we used for this post are from the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook and PointsBet. Make sure you shop around for the best lines, as there are still 3’s to be had if you like the Rams.

SB LIII – New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams (+2.5, o/u 56.5)

SB Pick:

Vik: Rams +3 (Bovada)

Patriots 31, Rams 30

Glasspiegel: Rams 34, Pats 31

Phillips: Patriots 34, Rams 31

McKenna: Patriots 34, Rams 29

Burack: Rams 37, Patriots 24

Lisk: Rams +2.5, Rams 31, Patriots 24

McIntyre: Rams 27, Patriots 26

Shamburger: Rams +2.5, Rams 35, Patriots 28

Between the Westgate and PointsBet, there are also over 1,000 prop bets for you to wager on. Everything from the coin toss to Gladys Knight’s national anthem rendition and more. Here are the the most popular ones:


  • Tom Brady +114
  • Jared Goff +200
  • Todd Gurley +1200
  • Sony Michel +1400
  • CJ Anderson +1600
  • Aaron Donald +1800
  • James White +2000
  • Brandin Cooks +3300
  • Robert Woods +4000
  • Julian Edelman +5000
  • Rob Gronkowski +5000

Vik: Super Bowl MVP has historically belonged to the quarterback position, as QBs have won the award 29 times. I will go with Tom Brady, as he is most likely to win the award if the Patriots win. It will also be a small hedge on my Rams +3 bet. My long-shot to win the award is Aaron Donald, as he has the ability to single-handily take over this game. While it is usually rare for defensive players to win the MVP, Von Miller and Malcolm Smith recently accomplished it.

Glasspiegel: James White is the most fun bet here because he’s a Badger and it seems like he always makes a bunch of plays in big games.

Phillips: I’m picking the Patriots to win and if they do, Tom Brady will win the MVP.

McIntyre: Hoping for a low scoring game and I’ll take Aaron Donald as the MVP.

McKenna: I’m with Ryan Phillips here. If the Patriots win, Brady will be MVP. That’s the bet.

Burack: Jared Goff not only leads his team to victory, but is the best quarterback on the field in doing so.

Lisk: I’m going to throw a long shot on Aaron Donald here making some big impactful plays.

Shamburger: The Saints should be here. I don’t care what happens, but I think the Rams win.

First Person to Score a TD:

  • Sony Michel +700
  • Todd Gurley +750
  • CJ Anderson +900
  • Robert Woods +900
  • Julian Edelman +900
  • Brandon Cooks +1000
  • Rob Gronkowski +1100
  • James White +1200
  • Rams Defense +4000
  • Pats Defense +4500
  • Tom Brady +6000
  • Jared Goff +8000

Vik: Gurley

Glasspiegel: Rams defense

Phillips: Michel

McKenna: Brady

McIntyre: I’ll go off the board: Tyler Higbee for the Rams, James Develin for the Patriots.

Burack: Gurley

Lisk: Woods

Shamburger: CJ Anderson

Opening coin toss will be: Heads (-104)/ Tails (-104)?

Vik: Tails never fails…

Glasspiegel: Tails

McKenna: Heads

Burack: Heads

Lisk: Tails

Shamburger: Tails

How long will it take Gladys Knight to sing the national anthem? Over 105 seconds (-140), Under 105 seconds (+100)

Vik: Over

Glasspiegel: Over

Phillips: Over

McKenna: Over

Burack: Under

Lisk: Under

Shamburger: Over

What song will be performed first by Maroon 5? 

  • What Lovers Do +100
  • One More Night: +300
  • Makes Me Wonder: +500
  • Sugar: +550
  • Animals: +600
  • Girls Like You: +600
  • Moves Like Jagger: +600
  • Don’t Wanna Know: +700
  • Payphone: +1000
  • Maps: +1500
  • She Will Be Loved: +1500
  • This Love: +1500

Vik: What Lovers Do

Glasspiegel: I’ll be watching NXT Halftime Heat. Should be a phenomenal wrestling match.

Phillips: Who cares?

McKenna: Sugar

McIntyre: It should be This Love.

Burack: Ahh, now to the real question. Give me my former ringtone, Payphone.

Lisk: I Don’t Wanna Know, which doubles as one of the choices

Shamburger: Ummm….I have no idea.

Color of the liquid poured on the winning coach:

  • Lime/Green/Yellow: +225
  • Orange: +300
  • Blue: +375
  • Red: +400
  • Clear/water: +400
  • Purple: +1000

Vik: Clear

Glasspiegel: Blue

Phillips: Blue

Blue: Blue

Burack: Purple

Lisk: Orange

Shamburger: Blue

Favorite Prop Bet:

Vik: Gronkowski Over 54 yards. Elite TEs have done well against this Rams defense this season.

Glasspiegel: More points scored in third quarter than first quarter

McKenna: Tony Romo and Jim Nantz say the word, “GOAT.”

Burack: How many people watch True Detective over the Super Bowl.

Lisk: Will either kicker hit an upright or crossbar? (Yes)

McIntyre: Under 4.5 Rams record a carry.

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