Kyrie Irving May Not Want to Team Up with Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving May Not Want to Team Up with Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant


Kyrie Irving May Not Want to Team Up with Anthony Davis or Kevin Durant


Kyrie Irving might actually be one of the keys to the Lakers landing Anthony Davis in a trade from the Pelicans before Thursday’s deadline. The Lakers and Pelicans can haggle all they want – the Celtics pipe dream of Irving and Davis may never materialize, regardless of what Danny Ainge is plotting.

And it all could be because nobody knows what Kyrie Irving wants. Are we certain he wants to team up with Davis? How do we know he wants to join forces with Kevin Durant? I spoke with Brian Windhorst – who spent time last summer with Irving – about this on my Fox Sports Radio Show, and the discussed started around the 1:25:00 mark:

The Kyrie that I know – again, he’s a strange guy … – he wants to be the A1A alpha dog on a team. And … this is pure speculation …. part of the reason why i think he’s backing off committing to Boston, I suspect it’s because he’s not thrilled Boston is all excited about Anthony Davis.

This is a guy who had a meltdown when he didn’t get the last play of the game called for him a couple of weeks ago. The reason he bolted on a LeBron team that that played in three straight Finals and won a Championship is because he wanted to be the guy in the center of the universe …

… [Kyrie has] put himself on a pedestal with the Celtics young players and said listen, ‘I’m up here. You guys are down there. He’s even called Lebron and said, ‘now that I’m a star with everyone orbiting around me, I know how hard it is, I feel bad for you.”

Part of the reason why kyrie is having a little bit of a freak out right now is that the Celtics wouldn’t consider him the A1AAA guy. Predicting how he feel about them is very difficult.

The celtics dream is to get Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis … but maybe somebody needs to ask the question if Kyrie Irving wants to play with Anthony Davis.”

So the Celtics can continue to tell the Pelicans to wait and not trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers, they’ll come up with a better offer. But did Ainge ever ask Kyrie his thoughts on this?

Even if Irving comes out and says he’d love to play with Davis, actions speak louder than words, and five months before free agency, it sure feels like Irving may have other thoughts.

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