Kyler Murray Weighs More than 200 Pounds

Kyler Murray Weighs More than 200 Pounds


Kyler Murray Weighs More than 200 Pounds


If the latest reports are to be believed, Kyler Murray now weighs 206 pounds. This is 11 pounds more than his listed weight at Oklahoma, and 16 pounds more than he actually weighed during the season.

Which makes you wonder: Is Kyler Murray getting fat?

If Murray is indeed 5-foot-11, 206 pounds would be somewhere near the upper limit. You get to 220 at that height and you start looking like Mike Tyson. If he’s really 5-foot-4 (or whatever people say), then this man is just plain obese.

But that doesn’t appear to be the case. What seems to be happening is that the only major questions dogging Murray as he prepares for the NFL Draft are about his size. His height is going to be what it is, but throwing 10-15 good muscular pounds on his physique should help a little.

Here’s betting these pounds don’t stick to him for long, though. He looked pretty good at 190.



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