Old-Fashioned Cup-and-Ball Game Is Back, Baby

Old-Fashioned Cup-and-Ball Game Is Back, Baby


Old-Fashioned Cup-and-Ball Game Is Back, Baby


One fun thing to do as a parent is to introduce very simple and non-electronic toys to your screen-addicted children. There is nothing like seeing their disappointment as they realize that, yeah, this is all it does. One of those is cup-and-ball, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Oh yeah, baby, what a wild ride. Sometimes the ball goes in the cup, sometimes it doesn’t. Laugh if you want but this is basically the premise of basketball and golf and you spend countless man-hours watching those.

Ball-and-cup enthusiasts — and even disinterested kids — will be happy to know there’s a bold new twist on the classic and it debuted in spring training.

That’s Miami Marlins outfielder Magneuris Sierra discovering a double down the line had found its way into a discarded cup. Using some quick thinking, he picked up the whole contraption and hurled it toward second base.

Considering the circumstances, this is an excellent and on-target heave.

Ball-and-cup with a throwing element? Only took about 700 years to dream up. Very excited to see what fresh developments lay ahead for ol’ B-and-C.

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