Kevin Durant Now Bizarrely Takes a Shot on Steve Kerr

Kevin Durant Now Bizarrely Takes a Shot on Steve Kerr


Kevin Durant Now Bizarrely Takes a Shot on Steve Kerr


Following a 128-95 shellacking by the Boston Celtics, the Golden State Warriors drama has, well, returned. Kevin Durant was asked about Steve Kerr’s comments saying the team lacked “passion, and an anger and an intensity” and took a shot at his head coach in the process:

As Chris Haynes noted, the “I thought we move off of joy?” portion of his rant refers to the phrase Kerr often uses. And it created quite the shocker in the room it took place in:

“During that display, it was impossible not to conclude that Durant intentionally took a swipe at his coach. The individuals in the room were stunned with his comments. From the moment Durant took his seat, his demeanor was of someone prepared to go on the attack.”

Just like every time LeBron James makes an instant drama starting comment, it is intentional. They know what they are doing and know exactly how those that see it, hear it, and read it will respond. Undoubtedly, this will lead to speculation that Durant is going to leave Golden State and that he doesn’t like his head coach. Who knows if that is true or not. But this does further prove a situation where he plays on arguably the greatest team ever, set up to be the prohibitive favorite every year, is not all that satisfying for Durant. This joins his 2018-19 story that also includes beefing with Draymond Green, lashing out at the media, and non-stop New York Knicks rumors that are coming from somewhere.

As for this season, this won’t have much negative impact. Regardless of how Durant feels about Kerr or how Kerr feels about these comments, it is going to take a major injury or even a miracle to prevent the Warriors from their inevitable three-peat come playoff time.

But, hey, the fun is back.

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