How to Stream The Masters

How to Stream The Masters


How to Stream The Masters


The Masters kicks off today at Augusta. If history is any indication a lot of people will be scrambling to their computers to watch the most prestigious golf tournament of the year, which inexplicably does not officially begin airing on ESPN until 3pm (though there will be lots of look-ins on SportsCenter).

The streams are available in two places:

Both of them actually have the same streaming channels, but given that the technology on this stuff isn’t immaculate yet it never hurts to have a second option in case you run into buffering issues at one of the spots.

The streaming channels include a broadcast from the driving range, featured groups (which is now up and running), Amen Corner (starting at 10:45 am), and Holes 15 & 16 (starting at 11:45 am). The TV simulcast will only be available on The Masters site.

You can also track every shot from every player on The Masters web site.

Hope you don’t have any important meetings scheduled today or tomorrow!

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