NFL Draft 2019: Top 10 Cornerback Prospects

NFL Draft 2019: Top 10 Cornerback Prospects


NFL Draft 2019: Top 10 Cornerback Prospects


This year’s crop of cornerbacks in the NFL draft has a lot of fast-risers and surprisingly little consensus on the top prospect. At least two, if not three, corners from this list will be off the board at the end of round one, but there’s still a lot of talent in the middle rounds. Here are the 10 best cornerback prospects in this year’s NFL Draft.

1. Greedy Williams, LSU 

Williams has a lot going for him outside having an all-time great football name. He’s a classic ballhawk with unusual length for a corner, which complements his athletic traits. He needs to get stronger, but he has the instincts and intangibles to become a shutdown corner in this league. He’s fallen down the draft boards of late, but more due to other prospects gaining hype than any of the flaws in his own game. He needs to work on giving consistent effort and may struggle in zone coverage early on, but Williams will give his defense swagger and attitude, along with game-changing plays.

2. Byron Murphy, Washington 

Murphy is a high-floor prospect with a higher ceiling than most of his counterparts who receive the same label. His technique is impeccable, and he was quick to take advantage of any mistakes made by the opposing quarterbacks, coming down with four interceptions and 13 passes defended just this past season. He’s a tad undersized and isn’t the fastest guy on the field, but he’s rarely out of position and is capable of playing both zone and man as soon as he arrives at an NFL stadium. It will take a bit of work, but Murphy could become a lockdown corner very quickly if he lands in the right spot.

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