VIDEO: NBA on TNT Highlights are Outstanding

VIDEO: NBA on TNT Highlights are Outstanding


VIDEO: NBA on TNT Highlights are Outstanding


The NBA Finals are upon us. Raptors vs Warriors. Kawhi vs Steph, Klay, Dray and maybe KD and Boogie. We’ll see. But with the end of the conference finals comes the end of the NBA on TNT, as ABC will broadcast the finals. While the folks over at Disney have tried their hardest to replicate what the NBA on TNT does, it’s just not the same, leaving us NBA fanatics with an empty place in our hearts yearning for Shaq, Charles, Kenny and Ernie. Lucky thing for us, TNT gave us a highlight reel of the team from this year, and it really highlights what makes them so special.

The first thing that always stands out about this crew is they treat (and seemingly care about) each other as brothers. There’s good-natured ribbing, there’s horseplay, there’s props and photoshops. It all feels like one big, highly-functioning, dysfunctional family. Shaq and Sir Charles are always the stars, but Ernie and Kenny have their moments as well. It’s truly a team effort and watching these highlights remind you of the good times spent this season.

Until next year NBA on TNT. Until next year.


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