Anthony Davis 'Unlikely' to Change Stance On Trade Demands

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis 'Unlikely' to Change Stance On Trade Demands


Anthony Davis 'Unlikely' to Change Stance On Trade Demands


Earlier today, Adrian Wojnarowski reported David Griffin, the new President of Basketball Operations down in New Orleans, would be meeting with the franchise’s disgruntled superstar, Anthony Davis. Griffin was brought on after the end of the season, and therefore wasn’t involved with any of the issues surrounding Davis’ trade request this past year.

Meeting the new guy in charge didn’t do much, though, as Shams Charania reports the superstar is “unlikely” to change his stance in regards to wanting out of New Orleans.

This will come as a mild disappointment to Pelicans fans, who were sheltering a small bit of hope that a front office overhaul led by Griffin, and the first overall pick of the NBA Draft, may inspire a change of heart. Alas, it’s not to be. Davis still wants out of the city he’s represented since 2012. It would have been damn fun to watch a AD-Zion Williamson pick-and-roll, but it was always a pipe dream after the disastrous closing months of New Orleans’ season.

Now that this matter has been more or less sorted out, the Pelicans will be open for business. Griffin is a savvy personnel guy who will be looking for the best possible return for a player of AD’s caliber, even if it means waiting until he gets the offer he’s looking for. The next month and a half, at least, will be fraught with rumors, smokescreens, and everything in between. Davis will likely be playing elsewhere by the time it’s all said and done.

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