VIDEO: Ric Flair Shoots on Shawn Michaels

VIDEO: Ric Flair Shoots on Shawn Michaels


VIDEO: Ric Flair Shoots on Shawn Michaels


Ric Flair is out of his second serious hospital stint in the last couple years, and is making it clear that he has zero intention to stop being Ric Flair. In the video above, which he released on his own YouTube channel, he vows to stay young and takes aim at comments Shawn Michaels made in ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary on the Nature Boy.

Flair asks Michaels, whom he famously wrestled in his retirement match at WrestleMania XXIV, who he is to judge. In the documentary, as Pro Wrestling Sheet recalls, Michaels said “Ric doesn’t love Richard Fliehr … I don’t know that he’s ever taken the time to get to know him [Richard Fliehr] or to find out who in the world he is.”

Flair observes that Michaels idolized him growing up, and wanted to know why the Heart Break Kid would want Flair to go back and change anything that made that the case and thus made Michaels who he is. It should be noted that Michaels is a born again Christian, after a stretch earlier in his career where he was indulgent with substances and also did not have the greatest reputation as far as how he treated other people.

This Shawn Michaels shoot was the second video that Flair released; last night was a more standard promo in which he also swore he would not slow down and named various celebrities from Triple H to Charles Barkley to Offset that he plans to have a beer or two with:

Both promos were quintessential Flair, and it’s fantastic to still have him around.

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