Lakers Are 2019-20 NBA Title Favorites

LeBron James

Lakers Are 2019-20 NBA Title Favorites


Lakers Are 2019-20 NBA Title Favorites


Following the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Finals, the odds have surfaced for next season’s champion. And there is a shocker at the top as the Los Angeles Lakers come in as the favorites to win the 2019-20 NBA Finals at the Superbook:

This likely indicates that the Superbook is under the belief the Lakers will acquire Anthony Davis via trade, as many expect.

While that would certainly improve their chances, it is still rather puzzling that they are the favorites. They are going to have to give up a ton for Davis and would then have a thin roster far too reliant on an aging LeBron James and an injury prone Davis.

The Raptors having the fifth best odds must mean the sportsbook sees Kawhi Leonard leaving. Otherwise, they project to have the best roster in the NBA next season and should be the favorites. That, of course, comes as Kevin Durant is expected to miss the entire season and Klay Thompson will miss most if it. 14/1 seems about right for the Warriors.

As we sit here today, where are you putting your money?

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