Laura Posada and Heidi Hamels to Be Featured on Reality Show; Here Are Five More the Show Needs

E! will be airing a True Hollywood story about baseball players wives tonight at 10 pm. “People think that just because you’re married to a baseball player, that you’re dumb, that you’re a gold digger, that you’re an ex-stripper,” Jorge Posada’s sexy wife Laura said. (That’s her on the left; Cole Hamels’ wife, who will also be featured on the show, is on the right.)

Uh, Laura, have you already forgotten trashtastic former stripper Anna Benson? Unless, of course … Posada was talking exactly about Benson, who has even used Gold Digger to her benefit. And she’s wont to brag about it, too.

“I drive a 7 Series BMW, which is boring,” she says. “Maybe if Kris signs to the Phillies I’ll get a nice [sports] car.€

Wives we’re hoping the show features: Lisa Dergan (Scott Podsednik), Jamie Kotsay (Mark Kotsay), Julia Schultz (Brett Tomko) the criminally underrated Heidi DeRosa (right; Mark DeRosa) and below, Diana Chiafair (Brian Roberts).

Wife of Yankees slugger Jorge Posada set to make her reality TV debut on E! (New York Daily News)

Because you want to see it first!

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