The LeBron-Getting-Dunked-On Story Grows: Crawford and Cameraman Elaborate on The Dunk

Bet Gary Parrish of CBS Sports had no idea what he was creating when he blogged about the now-legendary Jordan Crawford slam on LeBron James. You Been Blinded found this video of Crawford enjoying his moment in the spotlight, and cameraman Ryan Miller has become something of a celebrity, too.

It was as good as it could have been hyped up to be … Crawford blew by Danny Green … LeBron came for some help defense, and they jumped at the same time, and he threw it down with two hands over LeBron. This is like a 6-foot-4 kid …

And just in case you’re still dubious that this is some sort of underground NIKE marketing plan to somehow pump up the LeBron Skills Academy, here’s a far less eloquent description of what happened from former Virginia Tech guard Malcolm Delaney (via the DC Sports Bog): “YES LEBRON GOT DUNKED ON… FACE @ FACE WIT @ HANDS N IT WAS NASTY.. I had front row seats cuz I was playin.. Lmao..”

You can hear Miller’s entire interview here.

In other Cavs news, they just re-signed PF Anderson Varejao, last seen getting abused (repeatedly) by Dwight Howard in the ECF, for a staggering 6-years, $42 million. Who were they bidding against? And if that’s what he’s worth, then yes, maybe David Lee’s agent can get $12 million a year.

Because you want to see it first!

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