To Guess Where the Next MLB Performance-Enhancing Drug Bomb Will Drop, Follow Angel Presinal's Trail

In 2001, Dominican Republic trainer-to-the-stars Angel Presinal was stopped and questioned for four hours by the Canadian Border Service Agency after they discovered, according to the NY Daily News, a “bag containing five ampules of anabolic steroids, the anabolic drug clenbuterol and hypodermic needles.” At the time, Presinal was traveling with the Cleveland Indians because he was Juan Gonzalez‘s personal trainer. Presinal claimed the bag belonged to Gonzalez. The Indians slugger was also questioned for four hours. The Canadian authorities didn’t proceed criminally, but the bag was confiscated. MLB was notified, and Presinal was slapped on the wrist. Years later, Presinal would become A-Rod’s wingman.

Why bring up Presinal now? Because he has worked extensively with David Ortiz, of course.

Based on stories here, here and here, many of the athletes who trained with Presinal (or have some connection to him – like working with him in the DR) have been named in the Mitchell Report or allegedly are on that infamous 2003 ‘list.’ Here are the athletes who, based on those three links, have been connected to Presinal:

Vladimir Guerrero
Pedro Martinez
Juan Gonzalez
Bartolo Colon
Pudge Rodriguez
Raul Mondesi
Alex Rodriguez
David Ortiz
Robinson Cano
Albert Pujols
Adrian Beltre
Miguel Tejada
Moises Alou
Jose Guillen
Ervin Santana
Ruben Sierra
Francisco Cordero
Jose Mesa
Juan Guzman
Luis Castillo,

If the lawyers who are leaking the names from the 2003 list are strategically doing so, city-by-city (for effect!), and New York (A-Rod) was first, and Boston (Manny, Ortiz) was 2nd, then we’ll guess that the next PED bomb will be detonated in Chicago or Los Angeles. (Don’t think you’re out of the woods yet, New York. It’s coming back your way.) For what it’s worth, here’s a Presinal quote about his time on the left cost: “Like in Anaheim, Vladimir Guerrero never paid one penny to me. I had a room in Bartolo’s house because I worked every day. So Vladimir would go every day to Bartolo’s house and work. And Jose Guillen, too. Vlad Guerrero won the MVP award [in 2004], but no money for me.”

In D.R., Presinal still stands tall (Pedro Gomez)
A-Rod’s pal, the tainted trainer: Steroid-linked friend is banned by every MLB team (NY Daily News)
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