Nobody Puts Layla in a Corner, Except the Accidental $29,000 Tip That Notre Dame is Now Suing Over

layla_kiffinWe were all poised to close the day with Layla Kiffin and this question: Which number will be higher, Florida’s margin of victory, or the number of seconds Lane Kiffin’s wife appears on screen Saturday? The spread is at 29.5 which is absurdly high for a game between two programs of this caliber.

But then this bizarre story popped up, and since Notre Dame’s involved, people can’t get enough of it: the school accidentally tipped a caterer for sporting events $29,387. Wondering if it were an error, she claims to have called the school three times. They never responded. So, she went and paid her bills and bought a car. You know what happened next: Notre Dame claimed the tip was an error, it should have been $29.87, and has filed a lawsuit against her.

Back to the Vols-Gators. Lane Kiffin actually said this: “If you go off the past and what happened the last two years when we’ve lost by 63 points combined, I’m surprised [the betting line] is not higher.” Backpedaling? (Fast forward to the :45 second mark.) He sure isn’t displaying the braggadocio he did a couple months ago.

Urban Meyer has called this summer’s trash talk by Kiffin “water under the bridge.” Calm before the beatdown?

Smells like a 52-7 kind of game, right? The Vols couldn’t move the ball (208 yards) at home against a pedestrian UCLA defense last week, their QB, Jon Crompton, is getting blasted for his 93-yard, 3-interception effort against the Bruins, and Florida, according to know-nothing pollsters, were only the most overwhelming preseason No. 1 history of college football. We couldn’t live with ourselves if we picked the Vols.

But we like the Yellow Jackets tonight in Miami, despite a suspect secondary that could get torched by Jacory Harris.

[Kiffin pic via Deadspin via 3rd Saturday in Blogtober]

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