Mike Vick is Probably Going to Start Against the 49ers

Mike Vick is Probably Going to Start Against the 49ers


Mike Vick is Probably Going to Start Against the 49ers

When Mike Vick went down right a broken right hand Sunday – later downgraded to a bone bruise – the media was tripping over themselves trying to break the story of how long he’d be out. A former Philly radio guy claimed a source told him 3-4 weeks. Others speculated – based on the broken hand report – that Vick might miss 2-3 weeks.

Less than 48 hours later … the Philly Inquirer reports Vick is “likely” to play against the 49ers Sunday.

If the swelling in his non-throwing hand decreases and he is cleared to play by a doctor, Vick will start for the second straight week in spite of injury. He suffered a concussion against the Falcons on Sept. 18, but passed evaluations the following days and was in the lineup on Sunday against the Giants.

If you’re still wondering how the Eagles could have seen an X-Ray and read a bone bruise as broken, here’s the explanation:

The original x-ray was negative, the Eagles said, so Vick re-entered the game. However, when a second x-ray revealed a hairline fracture Vick was pulled, according to the team.

On Monday, Andy Reid said that Vick’s hand was not broken and that it was bruised. The Eagles coach said a blood vessel made it appear on the x-ray that there was a break.

The Eagles, who are notoriously secretive and have few leaks – the Philly media was blindsided by the signing of Mike Vick a few years ago and Nnamdi Asomugha this past summer – are famous for trying to silence reporters. Frankly, I don’t believe anything they say. It wouldn’t surprise me if Vick didn’t play a snap. I actually think Mike Kafka could beat the 49ers.

In other, significantly less interesting news, the 0-3 Colts have brought in two QBs for a tryout because that fossil, Kerry Collins, may have a concussion. David Garrard is not one of them (of course he isn’t – why try to win games when you can make a run at Andrew Luck?). You may or may not be familiar with the guys who might be throwing passes Monday night in Tampa: Dan Orlovsky and Brodie Croyle. Orlovsky spent some time with the Lions and Texans, and was signed this summer by the Colts before getting cut prior to the start of the season. Croyle? As Chiefs fans are aware, he’s got an attractive wife.

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