Friday Night Lights QB Engaged to Lost Actress

That’d be Zach Gilford – to Friday Night Lights fans, QB1 or simpy, 7 – and Kiele Sanchez, who was briefly on LOST, which is only the greatest show in the history of network TV. (Yes, that’s a fact. Network TV, for the uninformed, does not include HBO.) If you have no recollection of Sanchez on LOST, it’s because she was only in 14 episodes as “Nikki,” her storyline was awful, and she was killed off quickly.

Gilford is 29. Sanchez is 35. I thought he was playing above the rim with his last girlfriend, but Sanchez is much more on his level. The two have been dating for a year. This is essentially a coupling of two people who have been part of two of the best shows in the last 20 years of network TV. If you’re unaware of the greatness that is Friday Night Lights … her’s a clip below. [People]

Because you want to see it first!

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