ESPYs: Scenes From the Red Carpet (and in the Crowd and Backstage), Starring Serena Williams

For our 2011 year-in-review, we’re re-posting some of this site’s best stuff. This post originally ran July 14th.

Remember when we did this last year? It was so much fun! Except this year Michelle Beadle and Jenn Brown weren’t photographed (at least not by Getty Images), so they aren’t included. But plenty of athletes are!

Left to right: Bonnie Jill Laflin is a former NBA/NFL cheerleader and her current title is “scout for the LA Lakers.” Just exactly what she’s scouting is unclear. Then there’s Maria Sharapova, followed by Serena Williams from the back and front. If those two photos don’t tell you that Serena won the night, wait until you see the end of this post.

In the second row (L-R), we’ve got the long legs of skier Lindsey Vonn, race car driver Danica Patrick, and San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, who obviously needs no introduction.

Row three: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Mike Conley of the Grizzlies with his date (cutest “and guest?”), then Arian Foster and his date (I can’t tell if he has style or not), and lastly, ESPN’s Erin Andrews. She’s sporting a much more conservative look than last year. As a sidenote, here’s an interview Andrews recently did with Marie Claire.

Then we have the effortlessly dapper Tim Tebow with Vonn and Brooklyn Decker. This photo screams threesome, except that Tebow is a virgin. (What, you thought I’d say that Decker is married?)

Lastly: another shot of Serena’s gigantic ass (it’s alive!), and then Jimmer and his cheerleader girlfriend from BYU (the one who should have gotten more airtime at the NBA draft).

Because you want to see it first!

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