Craig James Is Polling at Just Four Percent in Texas

If Craig James kicks any skunks out of bushes, it undoubtedly will be in his own backyard. Voters have not embraced a James campaign based largely on him having no relevant experience. He is polling at just four percent in Texas, which inspired the following gem from the Houston Chronicle.

The former SMU Mustang and New England Patriot running back is struggling to overcome two liabilities: he’s largely unknown and he’s unpopular among those who know him.

Just 30 percent of the population knows who James is. Just 11 percent of those individuals have a positive opinion. He has a 23 percent positive rating amongst SMU fans and just a 14 percent positive rating amongst Texas Tech fans.

“America is great, because Americans are good.” This is the brand on piercing insight Craig James would bring to the political realm. Prediction: ESPN keeps his seat next to Jesse Palmer warm, embraces the epic troll potential and puts him in the First Take rotation.

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