Traditional Penn State Fan is Unsure About Bill O'Brien's Ethical Standards

Penn Staters are a different breed. They’re nice, traditional people. Frequently, a little too nice and a little too traditional. Thus, this letter to The Daily Collegian editor, questioning the ethical standards of new head coach Bill O’Brien, should come as no surprise. Jerry Cunningham, Class of ’81, is concerned that two of Penn State’s “fondest traditions are in jeopardy” after hiring O’Brien.

Cunningham thinks the Patriots hiring former Broncos’ head coach Josh McDaniels before the playoffs might indicate a tendency toward “breaking or even bending rules to get ahead.” He also worries that New England calling a play that resulted in a touchdown up 27-3 over Kansas City might indicate a propensity for running up the score. He’d like to know how much of “that culture” O’Brien plans to bring to Penn State.

Obviously, dutifully reporting a sex crime against a minor should be the first place Penn State would be concerned upon hiring a new coach. Though, if you wish to discuss football-related gentlemanly virtue, Penn State is the school that just last season (A) scheduled an overmatched Indiana State to pad their win total and (B) went for it on 4th down against said Sycamores to score a touchdown while up 34-0 in the fourth quarter. O’Brien should fit in just fine.

Penn State fans should be skeptical of the O’Brien hire. Not because he’s not part of the family or because he has supposed lax ethical standards, but because he has no experience as a head coach in an extremely tenuous situation and the last time the dynamic duo of O’Brien and Roof were together in college they won zero FBS games in two seasons at Duke.

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