Aaron Hernandez Joins the Pantheon of Athletes with Bad Back Tattoos

A scene from a church ceiling exploded on the back of Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. It probably looked swell on the ceiling of said church, but on a man’s back?

Not sure how it happened, but we’re your go-to site for bad back tattoos on athletes (and we’ll do dumb front tattoos, also). Former geography major Udonis Haslem put a map of Florida on his back. It’s a metaphor for carrying the Florida Gators all those years. Chris Bosh’s back tattoo combines all the terrifying elements from his favorite movies: Saw, The Birds, The Piano, and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Andrei Kirilenko put a winged comic book (?) character on his back (in color!).

I suppose in retrospect, the scribbles on the back of Hernandez aren’t that bad. [Pic via Hot Clicks]

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Because you want to see it first.

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