Craig James Would Never Make the Choice to Ride In a Gay Parade

Our favorite ESPN analyst-turned-Senate candidate has already stated he is on a mission from God. At a recent debate involving James and the incumbent former Mayor Tom Leppert, James and another challenger attacked Leppert for participating at a Gay Rights Parade during his term.

Leppert said that “he had a responsibility to represent everybody, and everybody understood where my faith was.”

James then talked about moral fiber (starting at 4:22 of the below video). We’ll not go down Craig James’ fiber as evidenced through the Mike Leach incident and his role at ESPN. “I can assure you, I will never ride in a Gay Parade.”

When asked his view of homosexuality, James also said that “I think it’s a choice, I do. You have to make that choice.” Much like 96% of his potential constituents in Texas are making the choice for someone else, I assume.



[photo via Getty]

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