Roundup: Yu Darvish Blanks Yankees; Frog Chills on Bench & Britain's Most Beautiful Face Works in a Chip Shop

Tyra Banks … “Exploding keg kills Redhook Brewery worker” … Tina Fey on the future of 30 Rock … Florida, McDonald’s, slow food, baseball bat … the Harvard fishing club is blowing up … Netflix might be doomed! … Chuck Klosterman went to a Creed/Nickleback concert … men are going to live as long as women? … Bobcats cheerleaders seem like fun … “Mexican immigration falls for first time in four decades” … that’s a gigantic record collection … four Amish women in mugshots … the Kardashians inked a $40 million deal with E! … Lionel Messi’s mom won a lawsuit …”She’s a crazy slut,” John Edwards once said …

Like LeBron? Hate LeBron? Either way, good read. [SI]

Yu Darvish completely shut down the Yankees and the Rangers shut them out for the first time since 2000. [Star-Telegram]

FIU did Dominique Ferguson dirty. Real dirty. They blocked his transfer, so he’s off to the NBA. [CBS Sports]

The girl who works in a chip shop who has ‘Britain’s most beautiful face’. [Daily Mail]

Should the Falcons try to trade for Asante Samuel? [AJC]

Is Louisville the manliest town in America? (Of course not. But GQ says it is!)

While in a gun safety class, a man accidentally shot himself and his wife. [AP]

Remember last season when Brandon Jacobs was talking about his fast, new car? Wonder if that car was involved in this mess. [Star Ledger]

Frank Thomas (aka the Big Hurt) talked to a blog. [Bugs & Cranks]

Britain has world’s third highest proportion of sexually active teens. [Guardian]

Accused serial mailbox basher in Metairie didn’t know it was illegal. [NOLA]

Love, love, love this Keyon Dooling crossover from the weekend. [via Jose]

Tetris on a building? Neat. [via Geekosystem]

Watch this frog sit on a bench like a human. Rad.

What it looks like after a pregnant Anaconda gets run over. [via Adam]

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