RG3 Will Block You on Twitter if You Say Something Negative

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RG3, who is arguably the second most popular person in DC after the President of the United States, will not stand for your negative tweets to him. The Redskins QB was doing a radio interview when “twitter outrage” came up, and this is what RG3 said, via the DC Sports Bog:

“I mean, I do exercise the block button,” Griffin responded. “I try not to see any negative. Any time I see something negative, I just block that person so I don’t have to see it anymore. It is tough, especially this offseason. This offseason’s been crazy, not only with how much stuff’s going on in my life off the field, but also with [football developments].

What’s the move here for the millionaire professional athlete?

Act all aloof and say, “man, I don’t let the haters get me down” or “I’m not on twitter enough to care” or come clean and be honest? I’m a tad surprised RG3 opted for door #3, mostly because door No. 1 is usually the easiest option and not something that will get picked up by blogs, radio shows and who knows, maybe SportsCenter.

As someone who blocks fools frequently on twitter – it isn’t difficult to discern smart, intelligent criticism from a daily torrent of HATE YOU SUCK – I’ve got no qualms with Griffin swatting away fools. I have a feeling plenty of you might.

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