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Thayer Evans Went Through Two Pairs of Cowboy Boots While Reporting Oklahoma State Story


Thayer Evans is still a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. Today, Thayer Evans sat down with SI Now’s Maggie Gray to discuss the backlash his 5-part story on Oklahoma State football has received. You can watch the entire awkward interview below, but I had to point out one part you should listen for. Gray asks Evans how he reported the story. Just like every other story says Evans – in cowboy boots.

I wear cowboy boots. I’ve gone through four soles of two pairs of cowboy boots in each pair reporting the story. And that’s just dogged reporting work.

That may not be “laughable,” as Thayer Evans would say, but I still chuckled. Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated is still standing by the piece and Deadspin is still poking holes.

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