Stripper Hits Jacoby Jones with Champagne Bottle on Party Bus

lights out jacoby jones

Jacoby Jones, a receiver on the Baltimore Ravens, was reportedly hit in the head by a champagne bottle that was being twirled around by a stripper named Sweet Pea on a party bus early this morning in Washington DC.

Please read that sentence against. NFL player. Champagne bottle. Stripper. Party Bus.

According to TMZ, Jones was cut by the bottle and required medical attention. He did not go to the hospital, according to TMZ.

As players on the bus went to attack Sweet Pea, Bryant McKinnie, the hulking Ravens lineman, apparently prevented a brawl. McKinnie knows strippers – he was embroiled in the legendary party boat escapade in Minnesota years ago, the one where police documents claim the lineman was using a double-sided dildo on two strippers. performed oral sex on a stripper in the middle of a room, then received oral sex alongside three other males.

I’m excited for this story to unravel, and I sure hope Fred Smoot was involved.

Jones has been out injured since suffering a concussion and knee injury in week one. [via TMZ]

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