Jake Peavy Believes the Game-Ending Obstruction Call Was a "Crying Shame" and a "Joke"

Jake Peavy should really take care of that zitJake Peavy was pretty pissed off about the walkoff obstruction call that ended Game 3 of the World Series. His blind tantrum is more or less the typical reaction to have when your team loses, especially if you are 12-years-old while experiencing said loss.

“I cannot believe you make that call from home plate,” Peavy said. “I’m beat. I’m out of words. I don’t know what to say. I think it’s a crying shame a call like that is going to decide a World Series game. It’s a joke. Two teams are pouring their hearts out on the field and that’s the call you make. It’s a joke. I don’t know how he (DeMuth) is going to lay his head down tonight. When you watch how hard these two teams are playing, and what it takes to get to the World Series and what it took for us to climb back into this game, it’s just amazing to me that it would end on a call like that, that’s not black and white.”

Agreed. It certainly does suck to see a pivotal World Series game end on an obstruction call. Peavy should probably speak to Will Middlebrooks about not doing that again.

Glass half-full? Peavy can take some comfort in knowing he’s not alone with his opinion. Plenty of Twitter users that root for the Red Sox also feel the same way.

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