Foot Locker Commercial Features Mike Tyson Giving Evander Holyfield His Ear Back, Craig Sager Burning Wardrobe

A feverish standing ovation is in order for Foot Locker’s new “Week of Greatness” commercial. Any time you have a spot that features an ultra-sincere Mike Tyson informing Evander Holyfield that he’s been keeping his chewed up ear in formaldehyde, you’ve already won the race.

Toss in Dennis Rodman purchasing a one-way ticket to North Korea and Craig Sager setting his Riddler wardrobe ablaze — gotta love the self-awareness here — and you have a pretty outstanding commercial.

The Brett Favre “knowing when to walk away” portion feels a bit tired, but that’s mostly because everything with Brett Favre feels tired to the point we’re just too tired to produce a laugh.

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