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Terry Saban, Nick's Wife: "We're staying, we're not going anywhere."

nick and terry saban

Terry Saban, the wife of Alabama football coach Nick Saban, gave a rare interview in which she wondered whether or not fans have been spoiled by the Tide’s success … and then said “we’re staying, we’re not going anywhere.” Bummer.

So does this mean Texas shouldn’t even make a run at Saban? Did Terry Saban just cost her husband a $5 million raise?

“You come to a crossroads and the expectations get so great, people get spoiled by success and there gets to be a lack of appreciation. We’re kind of there now.”

The house-hunting-in-Texas story? Terry Saban said they were “rumors with absolutely no foundation.” Rats.

Would the 60-somethings want to uproot again for Austin? Probably not, but would making Nick Saban the sport’s first 8-figure coach do the trick? Texas should find a tie-in for Terry. Perhaps on the Longhorn Network. Sweeten the deal by winning her over.

Make it happen, Longhorns. People who write about sports on the internet would love it. [via Wall Street Journal]

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