Chicago Bears Fan Takes Love of Chicago Bears to Unreasonable Level

Bears fan becomes actual bear

My favorite part about seeing fans in such extreme getups like the one we have here is to realize that this outfit did indeed actually happen. Meaning this grown man, presumably after finishing his day at the office, actually went home to his residence and began the process of putting on this outlandish outfit for the world to embrace.

I’m guessing the first order of business was to paint his own face in signature Chicago Bear orange and blue. It’s a must to get that kind of thing out of the way before getting into weightier items such as a giant bear costume.

After that, he likely threw on the bear legs, which obviously already house uniform pants, to build a solid base, and then slipped on those giants bear paws, complete with convincing claws. Not to be forgotten would be the actual bear head on top of his own head, capped by a Bears hat on top of said bear head to go along with a pair of shades. Just as we all drew it up.

Toss in Woody from Toy Story dangling by a noose and we have the missing piece to complete the merciful puzzle we’ll call “perpetually single.”

Gotta support the team.

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