Watch the Knicks Bench - Except Metta World Peace - Freak Out Over This Andrea Bargnani Shot

knicks reaction to bargnani shot
With the Knicks leading by two and :15 left in the game, Andrea Bargnani inexplicably took this 3-point attempt. All New York had to do was hold the ball and wait for Milwaukee to commit a foul. Make ’em, and game over. But Bargnani, who was once the No. 1 pick in the draft, fired up a 3-pointer. What was he thinking? Does he lack awareness to the point he didn’t know the score or time? Did Melo’s long jumper throw him off into thinking, ‘we need a triple!’

This has to be the brain fart of the NBA season. You know what happened – he missed, and the Bucks ended up tying the game and forcing double overtime. Fortunately for Bargnani – and more importantly Mike Woodson – New York prevailed in double OT, 107-101.

I can’t tell what I like more – the apoplectic Knicks bench leaping to their feet in a WHAT ARE YOU DOING moment, or Metta World Peace just sitting there, without a care in the world, not budging. Was he paying attention? Spaced out? Thinking about post-game plans? Making a final-week mental Christmas list? [GIF via HP Basketball]

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