Troy Aikman Doesn't Think Kyle Orton is Better Than Tony Romo


Troy Aikman went on the Mike Francesa Show on Friday and said the following about Tony Romo, Kyle Orton and the Dallas Cowboys (via Philly.com):

“I think it was a good pickup for the Cowboys to have (Orton) as a backup, said Aikman. “He’s been there now a couple of years, and he’s fully capable of doing whatever they want him to do within the offense.

“They’ll probably be a little more balanced and run DeMarco Murray more in this game, especially early, and they probably should have done that in other games, and I think because of that they’re going to be better on the offensive side of the ball. I expect the Cowboys to play well, at least offensively.”

No one – not even a retired NFL quarterback suffering from the effects of multiple concussions – could possibly think that Kyle Orton is better than Tony Romo. Still, that headline kind of makes it look like that, right? It makes for fun headlines to suggest that Aikman thinks that Orton is truly better for the Cowboys than Romo. Aikman clearly meant that Orton’s limitations will somehow force Jason Garrett to be a better coach which is also kind of silly. Either way, the Cowboys season is very close to ending. Again.

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