Reporter Tricks Chelsea Fans into Talking About Players Who Don't Exist

Soccer fans in America have gained a reputation as a slightly obnoxious bunch of know-it-alls. For instance, run into a soccer fan at a bar and ask them a simple question and often they’ll go on-and-on in an attempt to show you just how much they know about their beloved sport. Trust me: I’m speaking from experience on both sides of the equation.

This video from TalkSport taken outside Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge is a great send-up of soccer fans’ know-it-all tendencies. Granted it zings English Chelsea fans, but I do think there’s one American in the mix. At no point during the interview do any of the people interviewed realize “Liam Ying,” “Win Nowt,” “Win Ding Youp” aren’t real. It’s funny to watch the fans talk about a fake players pace or that they watch a lot of the Dutch League.

Try it next time you run into an annoying soccer fan. I bet it works.

You can forgive Chelsea fans, a little, for thinking every player the reporter mentioned to them is real. The club’s new policy appears to be buying up any young player with a modicum of talent and then farming them out on loan. Odds are many of the guys in the picture below will never play a meaningful minute at Stamford Bridge — wearing a blue shirt at least.


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