English Semi-Pro Soccer Player Channels Eric Cantona, Tries to Assault Fan in Stands

Karl Colley, the now ex-captain of English semi-pro soccer team Goole, made three attempts to fight Coalville fans in the stands during their match at the Victoria Pleasure Grounds over the weekend. Timeout. I’m not sure which is the better name involved here: a team named “Goole” or a venue called “the Victoria Pleasure Grounds.”

Anyways, as The Guardian details, the would-be assault took place 19 years to the day of the infamous incident when Manchester United legend Eric Cantona tried to karate kick a Crystal Palace fan back in 1995. The good news? Video from that earlier incident exists. Even better? It wasn’t filmed by an iPhone that someone forgot to hold horizontally.

Colley was dismissed by the team following the altercation.

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