J.R. Smith Shook Anthony Bennett, Threw Down a Windmill Dunk On Kyrie Irving

J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony are lighting up the Cleveland Cavaliers with 25 points in the 1st quarter at Madison Square Garden. The highlight was J.R. Smith taking Anthony Bennett off the dribble and boy did he ever take him off the dribble.

JR Smith dunk against Cleveland-a

Bennett was halfway back to Canada by the time that J.R. dunked on Kyrie Irving. Was that a windmill? It wasn’t a double-clutch. What was that? Is there a name for that? Did J.R. Smith just invent an in-game dunk?

JR Smith dunk against Cleveland-b

Anthony Bennett is coming off the first double-digit scoring game of his disappointing rookie season. We can pick up the “bust” talk again.

JR Smith dunk against Cleveland-c

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