The Simpsons Predicted a Seahawks/Broncos Super Bowl Nine Years Ago


The Simpsons know everything, obviously. The long-running animated institution once used a hypothetical Super Bowl between the Broncos and Seahawks back in 2005 episode, “The Bonfire of the Manatees.” At the time it was a fairly random prediction since the Seahawks had only switched over to the NFC in 2002. Since the teams will play this Sunday in Northern New Jersey (on Fox, no less), it’s worth remembering this seemingly random coincidence … right?

This sight gag doesn’t exactly trump 1992’s “Lisa the Greek,” an entire episode devoted, in part, to NFL gambling. Fun little trivia, the episode first ran in 1992 prior to Super Bowl XXV and Lisa accurately predicted the Redskins would beat the Bills. The next year the show re-dubbed that sequence, picking the Cowboys to beat the Bills.

Anyways, since we’re talking Simpsons and Super Bowl we’d be remiss not to remember the days when the Broncos were a go-to punchline for the show’s writing staff in the early 1990s. Homer fantasizing about being John Elway in 1993’s “Cape Fear” remains a solid goof two decades after the fact.


And who could forget Hank Scorpio buying Homer an NFL team, only for him to be disappointed said team was, in fact, the Denver Broncos.

Admittedly, there are probably more recent Simpsons football references to be made.

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