Bill Simmons vs. Adrian Wojnarowski? Probably Not, But ...

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 11It would be delicious to have a Bill Simmons vs. Adrian Wojnarowski NBA feud, wouldn’t it? Of course! And the half a dozen people who sent this recent Simmons Facebook status update my way probably hope it turns into a battle.

simmons woj

Simmons occasionally tweets about Wojnarowski scoops, but I can’t remember a time he’s taken a shot – even a veiled one – about getting the scoops. Or was Simmons joking here because he tagged Rockets GM Daryl Morey in the update? My Facebook sarcasm detector is broken, and frankly, I only use Facebook to post photos of my kids.

For those of you who actually care enough to jump to the Facebook update in question, Morey responded.

I emailed Wojnarowski to see if he had any thoughts on this, and he wrote, “That thing speaks for itself. I will keep working.”

The 2014 Sloan Conference is at the end of the month in Boston. There will be plenty of professional sports teams represented – Lakers, Celtics, Astros, Red Sox, Falcons, Browns – a lot of smart-looking white males. It is sponsored by ESPN.

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