Spencer Hawes Owns President Obama Toilet Paper, Apparently

Evan Turner needed to use the bathroom at teammate Spencer Hawes’ house and was in for quite the surprise — President Barack Obama’s face on a roll of toilet paper. The 76ers swingman wrote on Instagram:

Using the toilet @spenceneedle crib and I noticed his toilet paper. I refuse to use it though lol #mudbutt#lookingforadifferentroll

Hawes, a noted sports Republican, wasn’t too thrilled when the President’s health care bill passed in 2012, so his choice in novelty toilet paper shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Hawes also wasn’t very happy when President Obama revealed he was a 76ers fan as a child.

Lost in this is Turner’s excellent hashtag use of #mudbutt.

Call this reason No. 429,752 why Philly Twitter is the best Twitter. Sorry everybody else, but facts are facts. [h/t @dhm]

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