Jose Fernandez: Marlins' Rookie of the Year Is Cycling 600 Miles Per Week


Jose Fernandez, the Marlins’ 2013 Rookie of the Year starter, has a new off-season training regimen. He joined a biker gang, for rich people. He bought a tricked-out $10,000 road bike and has been cycling close to 600 miles per week in a peloton.

Pitching coach Chuck Hernandez likes the look of his sculpted lower body.

“His legs are going to be strong, obviously.It kept him in good shape and he came to camp in good shape. Past that, I’m really not interested in his bike,” Hernandez said. “He’s slimmed out, he’s grown into a man now. He looks great.”

It’s not clear how the cycling will affect his pitching. But endorphins are probably a more salubrious addiction for a pitcher than Captain Crunch.

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[USA Today Sports]

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