David Ortiz Tells Critics: "I'm tired of hearing them talk (expletive) about me when I talk about my contract."

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David Ortiz wants a contract extension from the Boston Red Sox. He’ll be 38 in 2014, yet had a productive 2013 (.309/.395/.564) and took it to another level in the postseason during the Red Sox run to the World Series championship.

Any talk from fans or the media that Ortiz should stop angling for a one-year extension and honor the final year of his deal isn’t sitting too well with Big Papi. He spouted off to the Boston Herald on Tuesday about the situation with decidedly R-rated language:

“I don’t even know why they’re bitching about me talking about contracts,” Ortiz said. “Guys putting up my numbers, they’re making $25, $30 million. I’m not asking for that. I’m asking for half of it. And they’re still bitching about it? (Expletive) them. I’m tired of hearing them talk (expletive) about me when I talk about my contract. Hey, every time I talk about my contract, I earn it, (expletive). So don’t be giving me that (expletive).”

Ortiz will earn $15 million in 2014 and wants a similar figure for 2015. That seems perfectly reasonable for a player — forget about the age or anything else — who’s slugged over .500 for four straight seasons and has been nothing short of a legend during his time at Fenway Park.

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