J.R. Smith Tried to Pull Vince Carter's Headband Over His Eyes

JR Smith pulls down Vince Carter's headband

The Dallas Mavericks beat the New York Knicks on a funky Dirk Nowitzki buzzer-beater on Monday night. During the 4th quarter, J.R. Smith messed with Vince Carter’s headband. This is one step away from J.R.’s shoelace games earlier this year, but J.R. is denying it happened. Via ESPN:

“No, your eyes were playing tricks on you,” he said with a laugh, repeating the refrain a questioner used. “You’re reaching for that one. I [already] got fined once for that s—.”

A fine for touching a headband is the obvious next step for the 2013-2014 New York Knicks.

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