Gina Carano's 9th Grade Yearbook For Sale on eBay, Labels Her as a "Prep"

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Gina Carano high school year book photographs have surfaced and you can own them in black-and-white. Are you a huge fan of women’s mixed martial arts? How about female-driven action movies? How about old pictures from the awkward teenage years of famous pretty women? If you have answered yes to any of those questions, boy, have I got a deal for you. Right now on eBay, you can bid on the 1997 edition of the Trinity Christian High School yearbook which features 14 pictures of a then-15-year old Gina Carano.

The book appears to be signed by multiple Ginas, but the seller isn’t sure which one – if either – is Carano. The only thing we know for sure is that Carano was a “prep.” Yes, her. The former MMA star also was a pretty decent athlete. She played volleyball and basketball and apparently took the basketball team to a state title as a senior.

Carano, who hasn’t fought since she got beat up by Cyborg Santos on August 15, 2009, has been heavily rumored to be considering an MMA comeback in the past few months. Her newest movie, In the Blood, comes out next month.

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