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UConn May Be A Tad Presumptuous With This Facebook Cover Photo

UCONN Country New York

UCONN was perhaps the chief victim of conference realignment. They spent hundreds of millions developing a relatively competent FBS football program. They underwent a fearsome rebranding. They were then summarily rejected by both the Big Ten and the ACC. Football became an albatross that kept them in the unwieldy AAC instead of joining rivals in the new Big East in basketball.

Claiming the Manhattan skyline for their own, given UCONN’s present state of affairs, is more than a tad presumptuous. New York is clearly a Rutgers and consequently a Big Ten town. Not quite sure what was wrong with Storrs on a crisp autumn day.

Shameless, but still not as bad as Cincinnati’s wanton, one-sided ACC flirting.

[HT @NoEscalators]

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