Eddie Johnson Scored an Apparent Game-Winner for the U.S. vs. Mexico, But the Linesman Decided to Call Him Offside

Eddie Johnson disallowed goal against Mexico-b

Eddie Johnson scored a goal that would have put the United States ahead 3-2 against Mexico in the late stages of Wednesday night’s friendly in Glendale, Ariz. In real time it certainly looked like the game-winner to the 65,000 people inside the University of Phoenix Stadium along with most folks watching on television. Well, everybody that is except for the assistant referee on the far side of the field who decided to raise the offside flag.

Johnson appeared level with the final defender as Clint Dempsey played him a ball to run onto — but — as the saying goes, CONCACAF gon CONCACAF. It’s a debatable call to be certain (maybe Johnson’s shoulder leans offside), but if you’re wearing red, white & blue glasses it feels like another example of poor officiating going against the Americans (cough cough Koman Coulibaly, cough cough Joel Campbell). Fortunately this questionable decision came in a friendly, albeit one against rival Mexico.

Either way, most of the positives the United States accomplished in the first half were undone by a pair of Mexico goals after the break. Regardless of the stakes, coughing up a 2-0 lead isn’t a good sign, nor did the American defense inspire much confidence moving forward.

On an unrelated note, Julian Green made his debut as a substitute midway through the second half. Green’s most memorable contribution was drawing a foul near the edge of the box. Oh wait, nevermind, the ref didn’t call that one either.

Julian Green gets taken down on the edge of the box and its not called-b

Good thing most media folks in America don’t pay attention to soccer, because the outrage  Thursday morning would be fairly palpable. The match ended 2-2.

You said it, Jurgen.

Jurgen Klinsmann celebrates Eddie Johnson goal that was disallowed

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