Jemile Weeks Made the Minor League Defensive Play of the Year (So Far)

Jemile Weeks was traded from the Oakland Athletics to the Baltimore Orioles in the winter for Jim Johnson. The second baseman didn’t do enough during Spring Training to come north with the big club and began the 2014 season assigned to Triple-A Norfolk.

Defensive plays like this from Weeks might go a long way to impress Buck Showalter and the rest of Orioles’ management. Weeks dove┬ácompletely behind the bag at second to take away a hit from Carlos Sanchez, blindly flipping to Alexi Casilla for the force at second. Very nicely done.

The best part of the play is the 1993 AV Club level production and the color commentator’s totally nonplussed reaction, “That is some kind of play right there.”

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