Jake "The Snake" Roberts Delivered an Emotional WWE Hall of Fame Speech

Jake “the Snake” Roberts was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday night, a moment long overdue when you consider some of the guys who have gone in ahead of him. But part of the WWE’s hesitation probably had a lot to due with the chaotic state of Jake’s life, which had been falling apart at a horrifyingly rapid pace. If you’ve ever seen the documentary “Beyond the Mat,” it’s truly hard to believe this guy is still standing.

Amazingly though, with the tireless help of dear friend Diamond Dallas Page, Roberts has miraculously managed to completely turn his life around at the age of 58.

So even if you were never a fan of wrestling, or haven’t watched it in years, this is still well worth the watch. If you prefer to skip ahead and get straight to the point, at the 18:17 mark an emotional Roberts gets into how DDP saved his life, and thanks family members in attendance for giving him a second chance.

DDP handles the introduction and Jake’s portion begins at the 8:50 mark.

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